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About Spruce Avenue

The Spruce Avenue neighbourhood is located just north of Edmonton’s downtown, on the southeastern side of the planned Blatchford redevelopment. In Edmonton’s early days, Namayo Avenue (97 Street) and 1st Street (101 Street) were principal thoroughfares for individuals traveling between Edmonton’s downtown and destinations to the north. As a result, the neighbourhood’s oldest residences are located along these streets, while newer residences are situated in the western portion of the neighbourhood.

The residential section of the neighbourhood is oriented along gridiron streets lined with mature elm trees. A central school and park site anchors the residential community and it is separated by several blocks on each side from non-residential land use. Residents have access to a variety of services within the immediate vicinity and also have access to other parts of the city via the major arterial roads that surround the community.

Spruce Avenue’s central location has also attracted a large variety of non-residential land uses, such as Kingsway Garden Mall, portions of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) campus, and Glenrose Hospital. In addition to homes, major institutional and commercial facilities, the neighbourhood also contains four schools and six places of worship.

The neighbourhood takes its name from the former designation for 114th Avenue which was “114th Avenue-Spruce Avenue.” The avenue was likely named after the prevalent spruce tree which is native to the area.