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Complimentary Courses for 2013-2014


In Art, students will have the opportunity to create masterpieces while working with a variety of media including clay, paint, collage, oil pastels, watercolour and mixed media. Students will also receive instruction on pencil drawing – no previous experience required!

Building and Construction 

The Spruce Avenue Building and Construction program offers innovative ties to the industrial sector. Students at Spruce Avenue learn to design, build, and showcase the projects that they create. Students are taught how to safely use power tools as well as hand tools. It is creative, rewarding, and fun! This CTS module emphasises proper and safe work habits.


Students in the Dance Option explore a wide variety of dance forms including creative dance, jazz, and hip hop, in order to develop an increased awareness of the range of dance styles. The theory of dance, basic anatomy, composition and body image are also incorporated into class work.

Foods and Nutrition

Spruce Avenue has a newly renovated foods lab where students learn the skills necessary to safely prepare a variety of culinary delights. Students will learn how to prepare and create a variety of snacks and light meals while learning about healthy, balanced food choices

Learning Strategies

The Learning Strategies option is available to students who would benefit from additional guidance in their academics.  Students are taught core subject curricular concepts as well as student skills, organization, note taking, goal setting, and time management.


Spruce Avenue School offers high level guitar and/or drumming  instruction during music option. There are three major components to the music option:  note reading, music theory and performance.